Tour Details

sunr_lrgMAUI MOUNTAIN CRUISERS offers daily volcano bicycle tours descending East Maui’s 10,023-foot Mount Haleakala from summit to sea.

Cruising solo on the crater’s rimWe provide a full-service experience that includes professional tour guides, round-trip transportation from your hotel or condo, hot & cold beverages and muffins at “base camp,” park entrance fees, bikes & gear (DOT approved helmets, gloves, wind-stopper fleece, Gortex™ rain suits), and safety instruction. Practically the entire 38-mile/10,000-foot paved route is effortless downhill coasting.

A van driver and “cruise leader” accompany all tours. The cruise leader escorts the riders from the pole position, while the “chase van” driver attentively follows behind. Both guides are in constant radio contact with each other and the “base camp” in Kahului.

Is It for Me?

ForMe1If you’re over the age of 12, in reasonable condition, and feel comfortable on a bike—then yes! All types of people attend and enjoy our exhilarating downhill adventure. It’s a unique opportunity to connect with majestic Haleakala in ways that just cannot be experienced from the confines of a car. Our fun and safety-minded tour guides will ensure your enjoyment no matter what your performance level.

Comparing Bicycle Tours


On Maui


Pickup (a.m)
Return (p.m.)





2:15 – 2:45*
noon – 12:30

30 – 40 Fahrenheit
(-1) – (+10) Celsius




7:00 – 7:30*
2 – 2:30

60 Fahrenheit
16 – 20 Celsius

Available for purchase at restaurant stop

* It’s best to plan a Sunrise bike tour on your first or second morning on the island. You’ll be on “home time” and waking up very early. Take advantage of those wee hours and do something outstanding!

Bikes for Downhill

bikes-1MAUI MOUNTAIN CRUISERS ride genuine Worksman™ and Schwinn™ cruiser style bicycles, that are specially designed for safe and comfortable downhill biking. The cruiser frame geometry places riders in a comfortable upright position (optimal for viewing the scenary) with a low center of gravity for maneuvering the fun sweeping turns and banked switchbacks.

Bikes are equipped with soft ergonomic seats, wide “bullhorn” style handlebars, fat tires, and Ultrabrakes™. Ultrabrakes™ are hand-operated drum brakes built into the hub of the wheel. Their reliability in all types of weather makes them common on motorcycles and the standard for downhill biking enthusiasts.

Changes, Cancellations, & Inclement Weather

In Advance

Due to the popularity of our downhill biking tours we require 24-hour notice for schedule changes and cancellations in order to avoid a 50% charge.

Day of Tour

Weather conditions on Haleakala can be unpredictable. Occasionally, Mother Nature decides she’d like Haleakala to herself for the day; in which case we’ll notify you to reschedule your tour.

  • If we cancel your tour before pick-up or entry into the Haleakala National Park, you will receive a full refund.
  • If we cancel the bicycling portion of your tour after entry into Haleakala National Park, you will receive a van tour and a 50% refund.
  • Maui Mountain Cruisers does not issue refunds for those who opt out of the bicycling portion of a tour of their own volition.