The Adventure


Join Maui’s most fun, safe, and experienced bike touring company for the ride of your life down the world’s largest dormant volcano!

No where else on earth can you experience the thrill of biking downhill while descending 10,000 feet. Bicycling down the volcano is the Valley Isle’s most popular land activity tour and a “must do” of all Maui’s tours and activities. Book your Maui mountain Hawaii downhill bicycle tour now to guarantee a spot and save $35/person compared to “on-island” prices.

The adventure begins far above the clouds (dress warmly, it’s 30-50°F cooler at the summit), where you’ll take in awe-inspiring views from the rim of Haleakala’s massive volcanic crater. After a safety orientation and bike/gear fitting, you’re ready to roll—down the planet’s grandest coaster—through over 200 twists and turns and countless visual wonders. There are many stops along the way to view and photograph the incredible scenery, learn about Haleakala’s history and lore, and eat a delicious meal.

Anyone aged 12 and over, in reasonable physical condition, and comfortable on a bicycle, can participate. Throughout the journey, riders are in the capable, safety-minded hands of professionally trained MAUI MOUNTAIN CRUISERS tour guides. Find out more about our Maui mountain Hawaii downhill bike tours.

Haleakala (House of the Sun)

sunrHaleakala National Park is an area of astounding diversity and beauty, covering over 30,000 acres of wilderness. It preserves the distinctive volcanic landscape of the summit area and protects the pristine Kipahulu Valley and scenic pools at Oheo Gulch. Haleakala is home to many of the world’s 13 ecosystems including: alpine cinder desert, subalpine shrubland and grassland, montage bogs, dryland forest, high elevation cloudforest, low elevation rainforest and coastal.

The eruptions that formed East Maui occurred over a 500,000 year period beginning some 900,000 years ago. The most recent eruption is believed to have occurred around 1790 on Maui’s South coast at Makena. Halekala’s immense crater is 7.5 miles long by 2.5 miles wide, and 21 miles in circumference. The crater’s colorful cinder cone dotted floor lies 3,000 feet beneath the summit.

Mark Twain’s 150 year old description of sunrise atop Mount Haleakala captures the timelessness of what is a truly unforgettable experience…

“With the first pallor of dawn we got up and saw things that were new to us. Mounted on a commanding pinnacle, we watched Nature work her silent wonders…
A growing warmth suffused the horizon, and soon the sun emerged and looked out over the cloud-waste, flinging bars of ruddy light across it, staining its folds and billow-caps with blushes, purpling the shaded troughs between, and glorifying the massy vapor-palaces and cathedrals with a wasteful splendor of all blending and combinations of rich coloring.
It was the sublimest spectacle I ever witnessed, and I think the memory of it will remain with me always.”
-Mark Twain, 1866